Turkmenistan Tourism Guide

Turkmenistan Tourism Guide

Turkmenistan at a Glance

OFFICIAL NAME : Turkmenistan (Turkmen: Türkmenistan/Түркменистан)
GOVERNMENT : Unitary presidential republic
STRUCTURE : 5 provinces and 1 capital city.
AREA : 491,210 km (53rd)  188,456 sq mi, Water (%) 4.9
LAND BOUNDARIES : Total: 4,158 km, border countries (4): Afghanistan 804 km, Iran 1,148 km, Kazakhstan 413 km, Uzbekistan 1,793 km
POPULATION : 5,171,943 (117th)
DENSITY : 0.5/km2 (221st) 27.1/sq mi
CAPITAL : Ashgabat city
CURRENCY : Turkmen new manat (TMT)
ELECTRIC POWER : Standard two-pin plug socket

Turkmenistan Tourism Information

Turkmenistan is as an oriental belle, hides its face with the veil from the world.

Cradle in the origin of many ancient civilizations and culture, Turkmenistan keeps a lot of mysteries and secrets that have yet to be discovered. Here you can see a large number of unique natural and historical monuments of the country of the Great Silk Road and the great Karakum Deser.  Turkmenistan  today – one of the most popular tourist destinations in Central Asia. Tourists are attracted here by the ruins of the brilliant cities of the past, almost all the known history of powerful dynasties in Asia and Persia, boundless steppes and eternal “black sands”.

One of the highest peaks of the world (7439m-peak Victory, peak  of Lenin Khan Tengri, 7010 m) ,a great number of glaciers, located in territory of Kyrgyzstan.

In Turkmenistan there are many historical and cultural monuments. The most famous of them are considered the remains of the ancient cities of Merv , Amul and Talhatan Baba Mosque, the house underground in Ottoman Bazaar and numerous ancient castles and forts. Most tourists are turning their attention to the amazing monuments of Turkmenistan’s history – Altyndepe, Nissa, Dehistan Mausoleum of Sultan Sanjar, Nadzhmettin Carpet and many other facilities.

In addition, in the territory of Turkmenistan, you can see many architectural monuments, such as Old Urgench, which during the XIII century was the “heart” of Islam. Excellent Gaurdak town located in the foothills of the Pamir, became especially popular among supporters of ecotourism. The area around the town retains a complex of great beauty gorges, caves and waterfalls. Kugitang Reserve is famous for a huge rocky plateau, save hundreds of dinosaur footprints. In this area were about 3,000 well-preserved dinosaur tracks and 31 trails. In 26 of the 31 tracks moved megalosaur. Such a large number of dinosaur footprints in one place on the planet found nowhere else.

Turkmenistan’s capital Ashgabat is famous all over the world famous Museum of Carpet. It collected a huge number of samples of these products, woven by hand. Not far from the town are the ruins of the capital of the Parthian state – Nissa, which attracts archaeologists and historians from around the world. The hunting residence of the Persian Kingdom once was located in Firyuza. Today, this settlement is the most popular mountain resort in the country.

The symbol of the Turkmen are famous Akhal-Teke hourses- the graceful, fast and incredibly hardy horses. No wonder these amazing animals are depicted on the emblem of the state. You can get acquaintance with these breed of horses at Turkmen hourse holiday, which is dedicated to the Akhal-Teke hourses. In addition, tourism companies have been developed almost two dozen horse-drawn tourist destinations of numerous monuments of Turkmenistan.

Turkmenistan has always been renowned for hospitality.

Welcome to Turkmenistan!

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