Tajikistan – The City of Seas, Rivers, Lakes & Mountains

Tajikistan's awesomely dramatic highland landscapes are now testing playgrounds for hardy climbers, trekkers and adventure travellers. Tajikistan’s Pamir mountains capture the imagination of travelers worldwide, but it is not an easy place to travel to. The roads are bad, the people are poor and the police corrupt.

Enveloped by a deep cold most of the year, the traveling season is short. It does not help that for the past 3 summers, armed conflict around Khorog has shut down access to the Pamir Highway. It’s a struggle for power between the Pamiri commanders and the capo’s from the capital, and we would not be surprised if it happens again this summer.

marvels of the Wakhan Valley, the starkly beautiful 'Roof of the World' Pamirs and the breathtaking lakes and pinnacles of the Fan Mountains all contribute to making Tajikistan arguably Central Asia's most exciting destination.

Best Season:March, April may, August, September, October