Religious Tour in Uzbekistan

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Central Asia has been considered as a land of mingled cultures and religions. Before the advent of Islam, the territory of modern Central Asia, were practicing many religions and cultures. Due to the Great Silk Road, passing through Central Asia and connecting Asia and Europe, many merchants, travellers, missionaries and pilgrims brought new religions cultures and traditions. Exchanged spiritual and cultural values often.
In Central Asia, especially in Uzbekistan, beside the Islamic medieval holy sites, memorial complexes, mausoleums and mosques, in some locations, centuries-old holy sites and architectures which belong to Buddhism and Zoroastrian religions still preserved. During the centuries these sites were considered as a center of pilgrimage and holy place for believers. Each one has a legend attached to it that still creates curiosity among pilgrims and tourists to visit them often.
For the followers of Islam, Memorial complex of Imam Al –Bukhari and mausoleum of Bahouddin Naqshbandi are one of the must-visit sites as these people were the hadith collector and teacher of early Islamic period in Cental Asia.
While places like Fayaz tepa, Kara tepa and Dalwarzin tepa were known for its Buddhism culture, respectively, Ayaz Kala and Tuprak Kala were famous among Zoroastrian believers. Every year hordes of tourists travel to these countries to get acquainted with holy sites and architecture of world religions. With our dedicated religious tour packages, you can discover divine spirituality.